Our Classes


Younger Babies (8 weeks to sitting)
Monday and Friday 11.30am at Coombes Community Centre. 

An introduction to movement and music for babies from 8 weeks to sitting. This 30 minute class is designed to give you and your baby special bonding time where baby can react and interact with you and the music.

Exposing babies to different musical sounds from an early age supports their brain development and enhances language skills. Songs and movement activities are calm and soothing. Props and instruments are used to enhance the sensory experience.


Minis (Confident walkers to 4yrs)
Mondays and Fridays 9.30am at Coombes Community Centre.

A 40 minute playful movement and music class for toddlers who are walking confidently (usually around 16-18 months) and preschool children up to 4 years. Children take part with assistance from their parent or care giver.

Children are engaged in a group song time, movement activities , a mini obstacle course and musical songs using instruments. 

Activities are designed to improve and develop listening skills, body awareness, balance, coordination, rhythm and gross motor skills. We use colourful and fun props and equipment to support this. Children who attend weekly gain confidence and a sense of social importance.


Nursery and Preschools

We offer weekly music and movement classes to nurseries and preschools. Classes are suitable for children from walking to 4yrs.


Babies (4 months to walkers)
Monday and Friday 10.30am at Coombes Community Centre.

A fun and engaging 40 minute class for babies from 4 months to walking. Babies and care givers sing, dance and interact together as a group in this playful movement and music class. Colourful parachutes, instruments and other props excite baby's senses throughout. A themed play time is included for babies to explore and gives parents and care givers time to socialise together.


Dance & Learn- (Creative dance for 2- 4yrs)  COMING SOON!

Dance engages all aspects of a child's physical development. Your child will learn to coordinate and control their bodies, learn rhythm and develop listening skills all whilst engaging in playful activities. Children's sensory needs are met with colourful props and instruments throughout.

The 30 minute classes are interactive and fun, helping to establish a positive association with exercise from an early age.

Children will gain confidence in their peer group and are encouraged to participate independently of their parent or caregiver.