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Why do we use parachutes in Babies classes?

We use parachutes in all of our community classes at Little Wiggles. Aside from being great fun there are multitude of developmental benefits that parachute play can have- lets start with the Babies class!

Sensory Stimulation: Babies experience tactile stimulation by feeling the texture of the parachute fabric. The smoothness, movement, and different sensations (such as the air passing through the fabric) provide valuable sensory input, enhancing their tactile development.

Visual Stimulation and Eye Tracking: When babies focus on the parachute moving up and down it encourages eye tracking. Tracking the parachute's movement helps develop visual coordination, depth perception, and the ability to follow objects visually, which are important skills for reading and learning later in life.

Auditory Stimulation and Rhythm Perception: With music and singing babies are exposed to different sounds, rhythms, and beats that synchronize with the movement of the parachute, they start to develop a sense of rhythm and their ability to detect patterns in sound and movement, which lays a foundation for musical appreciation and language development.

Proprioception and Body Awareness: Interacting with the parachute involves babies using their hands to grasp the edges or reach up to touch it. This engagement aids in developing their proprioceptive sense – understanding their body's position and movements in space.

Emotional Engagement: The dynamic and colourful nature of parachute play often evokes excitement and joy in babies, promoting positive emotional experiences, which are vital for healthy emotional development.

Bonding and Social Interaction: Participating in parachute activities in a group setting supports the development of social skills and fosters a sense of belonging and connection.

Next time you lift the parachute, observe your baby's reactions, and marvel at the incredible learning journey unfurling within their little being!

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