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Why wont my child join in?

"What if my child won't join in?" – Sometimes our little ones can be a bit reluctant to join in, it’s not uncommon and nothing to worry about. Some children are naturally more outgoing and adapt to new situations quickly, while others may be more reserved and take longer to adjust.

So, what can you do to gently encourage your toddler or preschooler and how long should you persevere before moving on to a new activity?

Start Slowly: New experiences can be a little intimidating for our little ones. Be patient and ease them into the world of music and dance at their own pace. Attending the class regularly helps your child become familiar with the routine and the other children.

Connect with Peers: Encourage them to make friends in the class, talk about the other children by name. Familiar faces can make the class seem more inviting and less scary.

Celebrate Every Effort: Praise even the smallest dance moves and sing-along moments. Positive reinforcement goes a long way with preschoolers!

Lead by Example: Show your child how much fun music and dance can be! Join in with the singing and dancing and let them see your enthusiasm.

Create a Safe Space: Ensure they feel safe and loved while exploring music and dance. Sometimes, they might want to watch from the sidelines, and that's okay. Some children learn just as much from watching as others do by actively participating. Sometimes it can help to bring a comforting item from home, perhaps a favourite soft toy to join in the class with them.

Perseverance: The journey might take time. How long should you persevere? Trust your instincts and observe your child's reactions. If you see gradual progress and, most importantly, if they are happy and enjoying the process, keep going. But if it consistently feels like a struggle, it's okay to explore other activities or revisit the class at a later time.

Typically, it can take a few weeks to a few months for a child to settle into a new activity. Be patient, give your child time to adjust, and try to make the experience as positive and enjoyable as possible.

Remember, it's all about the journey. Children develop and grow at their own pace, and every child is unique.

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